Southern Cross Hospitals

Don’t let something like a hernia or a dodgy knee hold you back from doing what you love doing. We’re NZ’s largest not-for-profit private hospital network, located throughout New Zealand. We’re known for our modern facilities, our wonderful people and for offering the best care at the lowest price we can. So if you are bothered by a medical condition and you’re discussing options with your GP, ask if the specialist they suggest operates at a Southern Cross hospital. If you choose us, we’ll take good care of you and help you get back to the things you’d rather be doing.

Being in our care

We’re well known for it, our professional care, alongside our commitment to provide value for money private healthcare for the communities where we operate (excuse the pun!). We’re exceptionally proud and protective of our trusted reputation. On average, we provide elective surgery to around 65000 New Zealanders every year. Leading specialists and our surgical nursing and support teams work together so that anyone coming to Southern Cross receives our close attention and high quality care.

What makes us different?

We focus on people, not profits. That’s because we’re owned by a charitable trust - not investors or offshore owners. We were created and, to this day, exist for the benefit of all New Zealanders. Our primary aim is to provide affordable private healthcare to people like you.

Unlike other private hospitals, we are able to invest any surplus funds (ie profit) that we make at the end of each financial year straight back into funding improvements and upgrades to our hospitals, development of our people and quality and safety initiatives. Depending upon the need at the time, we might invest in new world-leading surgical technology, upgrades to hospital infrastructure (we believe our patients can never be too comfortable), or programmes that mean our team is well trained and well equipped.

Wherever we reinvest, the main thing to remember is that any additional funds we generate ultimately benefit you, our patients.

Who can use our care?

We often hear people say, because they don’t have Southern Cross health insurance they can’t have surgery with us. That’s simply not true.

It helps, because Southern Cross members can access streamlined approval and payment systems, but it’s not an exclusive thing with us. Most people who are covered by health insurance, or ACC, or who are happy to pay treatment fees, can choose to have their operation at a Southern Cross hospital.

Usually, your doctor will suggest a specialist and hospital where you can be treated. It’s at this point that you can establish if a Southern Cross hospital offers the appropriate surgical procedure that’s right for you. If you don’t have health insurance to cover the cost of the treatment, you can ask us about the cost, and you may be pleasantly surprised how affordable it is. Some surgeries that will improve the way people live may cost only as much as a new flat screen TV! For example, your child’s grommet operation or an endoscopy procedure.

How can we help you?

Not all surgical procedures are performed at all our hospitals, so you should talk directly to the Southern Cross hospital nearest to you, or talk with your doctor to find out if we can help you. For details of commonly performed procedures and the specialties supported at each of our hospitals, click here. But for those who just want to know if we have what you need, here’s a quick list:

  • Endoscopy
  • General surgery
  • Ophthalmology
  • Oral & Maxillofacial
  • Orthopaedic surgery
  • Otolaryngology
  • Plastic & reconstructive surgery
  • Urology
  • Gynaecology
  • Cardiothoracic surgery
  • Vascular surgery
  • Bariatric surgery

Where can you find us?

There’s a Southern Cross hospital or partner hospital accessible to most parts of the country. You’ll find a list of all our wholly owned hospitals and partner hospitals here. Alternatively, talk to your doctor and explore whether the treatment that’s right for you is available within your nearest Southern Cross hospital.